about us

In lieu of complete sentences and proper punctuation, here are two lists:


  1. I live in Massachusetts with my husband, 2 sons, 1 cat, 6 hens, and 1 rooster named Sofia. We used to have 7 hens but one died. She is now on our bookshelf in a nice urn
  2. I'm still waiting to become a child prodigy
  3. I have ADHD
  4. I think sunrises are depressing and sunsets are beautiful. I come from a long line of night owls and I'm pretty sure my ancestors were an elite group of night watchmen that patrolled the streets of medieval London
  5. I care/worry about the environment and research Grolar (aka Pizzly) Bears on really warm winter days
  6. When leaving a voicemail, I will hit the * button at least 4 times in order to delete and rerecord and if the * button doesn't work then I press # and/or 1 frantically until I just hang up
  7. I like to take naps when I have important things to do
  8. I like to ski and I used to ski race
  9. I believe in equality and science
  10. I celebrate neurodiversity
  11. The last thing I ate was a spoonful of Nutella
  12. I make balloon animals and want to make miming cool again
  13. Julie and I met in college 
  14. Julie is AWESOME


  1. I live in New York City with my husband and 3 children
  2. Despite living in a very polluted city, I try to stay healthy through diet and exercise
  3. I recently left a long career on Wall Street
  4. I like to organize closets
  5. I worry when I am not busy
  6. I believe in the power of positive thinking
  7. I believe problems should be faced head-on
  8. A quick, afternoon nap can do wonders for my disposition
  9. We have a peace corner in our living room that hosts a giant stuffed panda
  10. I love trees, climbing mountains and looking out on the world
  11. I love Jenny’s wrapping paper designs
  12. Jenny is AWESOME
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